Why RWG?

RWG is a consulting firm that provides strategic and training support to financial institutions. But as our clients will tell you, we’re more than banking consultants. We’re banking experts. Our backgrounds include positions as bank presidents, credit administration officers, lending officers, credit review managers and bank examiners. We’ve even taught post-graduate courses to bank examiners and regulators.

That means we’ve walked in your shoes. And in the shoes of the people who monitor the industry.

We come to you with experience-driven solutions, with an encyclopedic knowledge of best practices and with an eagerness to roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side as your partner. Take a few minutes to learn more about who we are.


Loan Review/Credit Risk

All aspects of loan review from due diligence to problem loans and credit policy. Learn more >

Agricultural Credit Risk

Credit risk analysis and loan review for farm credit associations. Learn more >

Operational Risk

Thorough assessment of all aspects of loan operations and credit processes. Learn more >

Training and Education

Best practices on in-house credit, board of directors and lending personnel. Learn more >

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